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Hot Vinyasa

Tues/Thur 5:15pm 

Saturday 9am

Power Hr

Mon/Fri 12pm

Mon/Wed 4pm

This class is dynamic and hot! Vinyasa emphasizes the sequential movement between postures and results in cardio-vascular benefits while providing the body with a stronger sense of rhythm. The infrared heat is set to 100 degrees to assist in; detoxification, flexibility, and truly brings your mind to focus. This upbeat practice becomes a moving meditation that creates strength, freedom and fluidity in the body and mind. These sessions are meant for those looking for an active and energizing yogic workout. 

Heat is set to -95=102 degrees, and intensity level is 4 out of 5.

Heated Slow Flow

Tues/Thurs 8:00am

Slow Flow classes are a combination of Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, with fewer transitions than Vinyasa yoga and more flow than Hatha yoga. Combine breath, postures and meditation in this gentle, but deep approach to your yoga practice. This slower-paced flow allows time to explore the postures while cultivating strength, flexibility, balance, and calm.The room will be warm as you stretch and lengthen every muscle in a gentle and soothing way. An amazing class, perfect for those times when you want the flow, but not the intense workout.

Heat is set to 90-95 degrees, and intensity level is 2 out of 5

Goddess Yoga Experience

Monday 6:30pm

Saturday 10:30am

Goddess begins with a sharing circle followed by healing rituals such as anointing with essential oils and pulling guidance cards, then fuses belly dance-inspired movement with vinyasa flow and ends with Kundalini-inspired breath work, throat chakra opening, and a gentle cooldown.  There’s a saying in the Goddess Yoga Int'l Community that we hear a LOT: “There’s the version of yourself before Goddess Yoga and the version of yourself after.”  And it’s true! The transformation women go through is pretty radical, and beautiful. What we so often see with women who come to Goddess Yoga is women: beginning to speak their truth in all areas of their lives; rising up into their natural gifts and talents, and really cultivating and owning them; stopping the habit of playing small in their lives; shifting out of shame and judgement about their bodies and instead beginning to have a deep connection to the sacredness of their bodies, and being more open to allowing sexual energy to move through their bodies.

Heat is set to 90-95 degrees, and the intensity level is 3 out of 5.​

Yoga Sculpt

Tues/Thur 9:30am

Yoga Sculpt is a high-intensity vinyasa yoga class incorporating hand weights, and cardio bursts to promote lean muscle, aerobic capacity, and post-oxygen consumption.  Join for a butt kickin good time!

Heat is set to 80-85 degrees, and the intensity level is 3 out of 5

Creative Vinyasa

Wed 9:30am

Get creative with Jess! Taking a Vinyasa practice to another level of flow is our plan, moving through transitions in new creative ways will help one with balance, focus, and strength. Find integrity in your movement as you flow through a guided practice but leave room for options and new processes within your yoga practice. This class is great for those who are looking for new ways to move their body, release tension and get out of their comfort zone. Just meet us on the mat with an open mind. Temps are set to 95 degrees of amazingness, this particular type of heat will help with detoxification, flexibility, ease joint pain and inflammation, calm the nervous system, and improve cardiovascular health. 

Heat is set to 95-102 degrees, and the intensity level is 4 out of 5

Somatic Yoga

Monday 9:30am

Truly a class for the curious, in this energetic based yoga class, we dive deep into connecting the mind, body and spirit in an expressive space to explore your deepest self. This class builds with a fundamental emphasis on meditation, queued postures, organic movements and toning. We utilize our time to truly tune into the present needs of the body, leaving you with an open heart, and internal glow.

Heat is set to 85-90 degrees, and the intensity level is 2 out of 5

Bikram Remix


This is a hot yoga class with a twist, based on the sequenced twenty-six poses of the traditional Bikram method. High heat room temperature is used to help participants with flexibility and detoxification. The flow from the yoga poses results in cardio-vascular benefits and provides the body with a stronger sense of rhythm and breathing. Major emphasis will be on balance, spinal health, and core strength, all great devices for the active guest. Tuesday & Thursday evening classes with Jess Broyles will be geared towards intermediate level.  

Heat is set to 101-104 degrees, and intensity level is 4 out of 5.

Ashtanga Remix


This 75 minute, semi-hot class incorporates a sprinkling of ashtanga postures throughout a juicy, slow-flow vinyasa class. The focus and intent will be on the breath moving with the body and postural alignment. Class will begin with a set of pranayama exercises, followed by an asana sequence that will stretch and strengthen the body, mind and spirit. 

Heat is set to 75-80 degrees, and intensity level is 3 out of 5.


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