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Jessica Broyles

Hot Yoga Flow, Core Power Hour

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Jessica Broyles

Here is a little about me and the path that led me to open OMNI in 2016. 


Jess grew up in Gardnerville NV,  just 30 minutes east of South Lake Tahoe. Growing up was busy for me with an extremely active family. I was thrust into swim team, dance, water skiing, and snow skiing all before the age of five, amazingly I love and partake in all of these activities today.

Dance took priority early on and eventually led me to Los Angeles at 18 years old, having a small scholarship to the EDGE Performing arts center was all it took for me to pack my bags in search of dance every day.  I managed two years down south before winters called me back to Tahoe for skiing, I then found the local stages to be home…I was a bonafide showgirl at 21 years old. I taught skiing in the days, waited tables, taught dance classes, and performed at night, it was an amazing decade of travel play, experiences both great and emotional but that time really allowed me to test my own boundaries in life, see whom I wanted to become and whom I didn’t want to end up like. The consistent takeaway from that time though, I taught everything I loved. In those transitional years, I started a production company and then finally found yoga. A dancer of course brought me to the hottest most intense style of yoga…Bikram. I loved it, I cried in savasana the first 10 classes at least but during the practice, I felt like a total badass. In 2010 I received my first teaching certificate from Core Power Yoga, I learned the 26 poses of the Bikram series and the Sanskrit to boot, yet had no intention of teaching this practice. Six months later, I was a jittery mess teaching my first yoga class, a series that is meant to be at 100 + degrees with virtually no heat!  I immediately grew my practice, began immersing myself in yoga retreats, and turned my core class into what is now Hot Yoga Flow, a mix of the Bikram series and vinyasa.  

For years I ran my production company, Champagne Productions, in Tahoe and have been able to produce many shows for local casinos; Mont-Bleu, Harrahs, Harveys, and Harrahs Reno. Also, I created many entertainment programs for Vail Resorts that have been highlighted in Forbes, Powder, Ski and various other magazines. I still hold dance, choreography, and production as passions in my life, but all that dancing, managing artists, and some solid ski accidents along the way send me running back to yoga. Over the years a yoga practice has helped me grow in ways that are hard to explain but the growth has happened on a much deeper level for me. My mind has become stronger, more positive, and less reactive. My body thanks me every day I practice in any form and at any energy level. I have since received additional teaching certificates in the Ashtanga and Yin lineages of yoga as well as Barre.

So, when the idea of creating a space that held all of my loves in one place there was no turning back and the process happened quickly, I could not wait to open our doors! OMNI was created to be a hub of health, artistry, and happiness for all ages, shapes, and genders. It is most important to me that one feels welcome, seen, and empowered when walking through our doors. Fitness is important to our health, vitality and helps keep harmony in our insanely busy western lives, therefore it needs to be attainable, efficient, and fun. This is my goal for OMNI.

So come on in, meet the incredible and talented humans that teach here, practice here, and become part of our community. 


Keep that spirit wild, Jai!

All the love,


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