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Create a Yoga Habit

Yoga has amazing benefits such as mental clarity and flexibility, the practice of yoga can truly help align the body, prevent, and/or heal injuries. We are proud to offer yoga sessions for all bodies, levels, and styles. Grab your mat, find a calm space, and you’re ready for class!

Create a Pole Habit

Pole helps you to feel strong and empowered; develop a mentality that helps you become the best version of yourself. A way for you to embrace what your body is capable of while getting a badass full-body workout. For these classes, you’ll need a pole and we suggest having a professional install or inspection of your pole prior to use. Work at your own pace and let your inner diva out!

Create a Barre Habit

Barre is based on traditional elements of a ballet barre warm-up, pairing traditional methods with more powerful yet low impact exercises. If you want to tone your booty, legs, and arms this a quick and challenging workout. All you need is a sturdy chair or countertop if you have resistance bands, great, if not no worries you will still feel the burn, trust!

Create a Dance Habit

Dancing is a great form of creative excursion and an excellent outlet for stress. Dance generates sensational connections between your body, mind, and spirit. totally cool if you haven't taken a dance class, our classes are tailored for all skill levels. Just fun and dance it out!