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Meet our team

About the OMNI Tahoe Yoga Festival

At the heart of the 2nd Annual OMNI Tahoe Yoga Festival lies a profound commitment to fostering growth, mindfulness, inclusion, and sustainability. As we embark on this transformative journey, our vision is to create an event that transcends boundaries, inspiring individuals to embrace holistic well-being and become active contributors to a harmonious world.


We envision a celebration that goes beyond the traditional realms of yoga and wellness. We aspire to cultivate an immersive experience that not only nourishes the mind, body, and soul but also propels us towards a future characterized by mindfulness, inclusion, and sustainability.


Our vision is one of unity, a vision that transcends the festival itself and ripples into the lives of all who participate. Together, let us co-create a future where well-being is paramount, diversity is celebrated, and our connection to the planet is cherished.

Jess Broyles

Creator of OMNI & Tahoe Yoga Festival


Hillary Atalina

Talent & Studio Coordinator


Alanna Parlett

Vendor & Partners Coordinator


Jen Cheng

Marketing Coordinator

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