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Detox & Restore



Sunday 4:00pm

Detox and Restore is an exquisite opportunity to balance your body and its energies. Begin with a solar vinyasa series to heat up and detoxify the body then allow your lunar side to give way and slow down.

Take advantage of the infrared heat to assist in both your solar (yang) and lunar (yin) modes, as we create a fiery detoxifying breath we, in turn, surrender into slower deeper asanas with the use of props to assist you with minimal effort, all to help you truly restore and let go of what you no longer need. Expect to feel rejuvenated, relaxed and happy afterward, and to sleep better that night. 
All levels are welcome, beginners, pre/post-natal, and injury recovery appropriate.

Heat is set to 85-90 degrees, intensity level 1 out of 5 .

Yin Yoga 

Tues/Thurs 6:30pm

In Yin, most poses are seated or laying down and are held anywhere from 3-5 minutes. This extended hold settles deep into the connective tissue, ligaments, and fascia. Having a Yin practice is a perfect accompaniment to any Yang or energetically forceful practice bringing balance and harmony to both the mind and body. With the goal for each student to walk away with a more clear mind and open heart, OMNI instructors hold a safe space to explore edges and ease into expansion.

Heat is set to 75-80 degrees, intensity level is 1 out of 5.​

Yoga Therapy 


Recovery for sports enthusiast or injury rehabilitation. Yoga Therapy will emphasize on the powerhouses of the body; the back, glutes and hips. We use a short and very slow flow to help warm and deeply stretch these key areas. Next, a myofascial release session using RAD roller props to help release key skeletal and muscular immobility.  Move through pressure point release in the body, find more elasticity with the infrared heat and relax over contracted muscles. Yoga is Therapy. All levels welcome, beginners, pre/post-natal, and injury recovery appropriate.


Heat is set to 80 degrees, intensity level 2 out of 5 .

Essential Mobility (RAD Roller)


Massage your muscles and free your fascia with therapy-ball-based self-massage and gentle corrective exercises. Sore spots are soothed and muscles are strengthened and lengthened with new movement patterns that result in a more resilient, pain-free body. Whatever your exercise or recreation of choice, this class will improve your alignment and keep you balanced. This class is taught by Debbie Beane. All levels welcome, beginners, pre/post-natal, and injury recovery recommended.


Heat is set to 80 degrees, intensity level is 2 out of 5.

Yin & Meditation


This delightful, all-levels class blends classic meditations with a physical Yoga practice. You will be guided though a meditation that can be incorporated into your daily life, as well as receive gentle instruction on proper pose alignment and breath work. This class is accessible to all levels, beginner to advanced. Pre-post natal and injury recovery friendly. Expect to feel balanced, refreshed and peaceful afterwards. Pre/post natal friendly. good for injury recovery and beginners. Led by lead instructor Nicole Sklar

Heat is set to 80 degrees, intensity level 1 out of 5 .

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