All Levels Pole Dance

Friday 5:00pm

Beginner Pole

Friday 6:30pm

This full body pole  class is geared towards Intermediate-Advanced level pole athletes, but can be catered to beginners too!  Students will safely work on the ground acrobatic essentials such as pull ups (on pole), handstands, headstands, splits, backbends and forearm stands PLUS find how these elements apply to pole.  Each class will dive into a big "acro-pole trick" as well and give students a chance to work on the necessary building blocks for success with each trick.  This class is simultaneously a supportive group class atmosphere with a ton of personalized attention! It's an hour and 20 minutes of enlivening your body with a killer workout, challenging your mind with body/mind awareness and coordination, and freeing your soul with movement! Taught by Andrea Angeles, Lauralynn Featherpistol and  Sarah Roulias. 

Intensity level is 4 out of 5.