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Soulshine Hotel
Ubud, Bali 

Days will be spent

with an energizing morning soulful sculpt session followed by a healthy fruit filled breakfast. Day time activities can include; lounging at the playful Soulshine pool, enjoying a spa treatment, shopping in Ubud, visiting temples, secluded beach excursions + more. Wind down each evening with a restorative flow, recenter, and ground. The group will gather for two evening dinners, one that includes a beautiful balinese cultural experience not to be forgotten. 

Immerse yourself in a soulful culture

Hinduism is the soul of Bali with over 20,000 temples in Bali.

Incense burns through out the villages as the local balinese offer their prayers three times a day to please the Gods. 

Explore the thousand year old ancient rice fields, still carefully harvested today in the old traditions. Ubud is best known for it's generations of artisans. Wood and stone carvers, silversmiths, painters, batik makers, weavers, these skills and talents are passed down and carefully preserved. Dancers move gracefully as their hands and eyes tell the stories of lifetimes ago. Bali is a feast for the senses with almost daily ceremonies celebrating the cycle of life.

Single Private Room Option

This room has one king bed and bathroom.

Shared Room Option

This room has two twin size beds and one bathroom

Private Room, 2 guests, Option

This room has one king bed to be shared and bathroom

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