Frequently asked questions

Hot Yoga

What should I wear to class?

Go for comfort over style: tank tops, sports bra, breathable tees/tanks, yoga shorts/pants, or running shorts are ideal. Avoid sweats and long-sleeve shirts.

What do I need to bring?

A yoga mat (if you forget yours we have some and only ask for a donation), a large towel, and a bottle of water with a sealable lid. Please do not bring your cell phone, wallet, car keys, bag, etc. into the hot room. There are cubbies in the changing rooms, which are members-only areas, to store your personal belongings. If you need to have your phone near for a specific reason, please alert the instructor before class.

Are mats and towels provided?

If you forget or don't have your own, we have a limited amount of mats for use with a requested donation and have small hand towels you can borrow.

Do you have changing rooms or showers?

We do have changing rooms for you to change after class. However, we do not have showers.

Will I lose weight?

Like any workout, you have to do yoga on a regular basis, minimum 3x a week—ideally 5x a week—and eat a healthy diet to lose weight. We have many yoga students who lose weight with traditional hot yoga and feel in the best shape of their life. The students who are successful with this approach take a look at their entire lifestyle, including eating, nutrition, stress, daily activity, and more to thrive on every level.

What should I eat/drink before, during and after class?

Come to class on an empty stomach. Most students feel like eating two hours before class gives them enough energy to fuel their workouts without running on completely empty. Everyone is different, and after a few classes, you’ll find what works best for you. Most importantly, please come to class well hydrated. You need to drink a lot of water throughout the day to ensure you’re properly hydrated for class (half your body weight in ounces).

How often should I practice?

Aim to practice 3 to 5 times a week. The more often you practice, the quicker you will see results. Sometimes it takes a few classes for your body to get acclimated to exercising in a heated environment. We encourage new students to practice at least 10 times in the first 30 days to give this yoga a fair chance and to really see the benefits in daily life.

Can I practice yoga with an old/ new injury?

Yes! Yoga helps to heal old injuries and prevent new ones. The infrared heat is therapeutic for your muscles, joints, and tissue. For existing injuries and medical conditions, the healing process can be supported by the continued practice of hot yoga. We ask students to notify the instructor of any existing injuries so they can help you during class (making sure we have an alert in your file is another way to help us remember). The general guide when practicing with an injury is: take it easy, listen to your body, and perform postures to your tolerance level.

Can I practice if I am pregnant?

Maybe. Heat and pregnancy don't always go hand-in-hand—unless your body is used to it with consistent practice (at least 6 months) and you have permission from your doctor. If hot yoga is not right for you while your pregnant check out our Prenatal, Yin, and Hatha classes!

What classes are good for pre and post natal women?

Please consult your doctor before attending any class. Our 4 pm classes are the most gentle, and they include Yoga Therapy and Yin. Yin intends to stretch more deeply into the ligaments surrounding joins; this is where post-pregnancy bodies should be careful as those ligaments and joints have already softened in preparation for the birth. Monday at 4 pm, Yin class utilizes lots of props and boosters to prevent overstretching. Wed/Sat 4 pm Yoga Therapy combines a gentle practice, and myofascial release with the use of props call RAD rollers. Friday at 4 pm Yin and Meditation are great for an over-worked mind or underslept new mother. Props are used to help with the Yin poses. Sunday 4 pm Detox and Restore, a gentle class meant to rinse the body of toxins and restore the mind with a soothing practice. Barre classes Tues/Thurs 5:15 pm are a great way to build strength work after pregnancy. Barre helps rebuild muscle in the core, legs, and buttocks with a low impact, more precise method.

Pole Classes

Should I come early before class?

Yes, please arrive 5 minutes early so we know to set up a pole for you. If you can please register early on-line so we can have the room ready when you get here.

What should I wear to class?

Wear comfy clothes that you can stretch and warm up in. Bring a pair of shorts to change into once you are warm, shorts allow you to find more traction on the pole making the spins or tricks more attainable!

What should I bring to class?

First of all, bring a great attitude! Pole dancing may be outside of your comfort zone, so we invite you to have fun with the learning process. Please also bring water so that you can stay hydrated. If you have a favorite song that you would like to dance to- we welcome you suggest it when you come!

What if I can not make it to a class I signed up for?

Please allow for 24 hours notice if you have to cancel/rearrange your class schedule as we are holding your spot for you and would like to make room for others if you don't plan on coming. We can't wait to rock the pole with you!