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OMNI Tahoe Yoga Festival
August 10th & 11th 2024

Reflecting on the incredible success of last year's inaugural Tahoe Yoga Festival, we're elated to announce that we're expanding the experience to TWO unforgettable days this year! The overwhelming positive response has fueled our passion to dream bigger. Join us on this journey of global wellness, as we continue to spread the joy of yoga, unity, and holistic well-being. Get ready to elevate your spirit, embrace serenity, and celebrate the transformative power of yoga with us!


The mission of the OMNI Tahoe Yoga Festival is to foster creativity and inspiration through the synergy of movement, wellness, and adventure. Our commitment lies in cultivating a community that places mindfulness, inclusion, and sustainability at its core. These values permeate every event and gathering we organize, creating an uplifting and transformative experience for all participants

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