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Rupal Patel 

Rupal has been teaching for 10 years and cannot imagine her life without yoga.  She lived in 8 different states, grew up in Chicago, and now migrated to the mountains of South Lake Tahoe with her two kids. She is a Sr. Program Manager @ Google and turns to yoga, skiing, dancing and hiking to escape technology. Rupal enjoys teaching students advanced asana techniques allowing them to feel transformation in their poses.  To lighten up the physical practice and seek emotional benefits, she loves reading up on yoga sutras, chakras and mythology.  Her classes are alignment-focused with powerful flow allowing students to immerse themselves in the present moment.


Rupal got her 500hr in various yoga styles at Moksha Yoga Chicago and also has 200hr + 100hr certifications in Hot/Hot Power Fusion Yoga, Power Yoga, Yoga Sculpt and Core Restore. She taught at CorePower Yoga from 2010 - 2020 (In Chicago and San Francisco) where she also led and coached Teacher Training programs, Prenatal Yoga and Yogi Training. She loves teaching Vinyasa Yoga with creative sequencing and also teaches for Google employee wellness events. Rupal is very excited to join the OMNI yoga community and spread love for the practice!

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