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Ronni Lewis

Hi my name is Ronni. I was born and raised in Northern California. I come from a very large and competitive family that kept me active and involved in sports since I can remember. I played competitive volleyball for 10 years before committing to a scholarship at the University of Arizona to play on the indoor and sand volleyball teams.


After I graduated college in 2015 I found yoga. My body was exhausted from the physicality it took to be a division one athlete. Yoga gave me a space to learn how to listen to my stiff and achy body so I could transform into a strong, more flexible and confident one. 


I moved to Costa Rica in 2019 and in May 2020, I received my 200-hour Teacher Training & Barre Certificate through Playa Negra Yoga Centre in Costa Rica. 


The birth of my daughter brought me back to the States and now where I reside in Lake Tahoe. 


My main goal in teaching is to help you achieve maximum comfort in your body while also cultivating a safe and fun space on your mat to really discover yourself. My classes will focus on returning to our true selves and letting our inner child come out and play. 


I’m driven by community and am excited to bring a new perspective to my students and continue to learn as a student myself. 


Thank you for being here! 

Join Ronni in Costa Rica January 2024

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