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Prenatal Yoga

Currently, we do not offer Prenatal Yoga specifically.

Please contact us for pre and postnatal recommended classes. 

This class will teach you juicy movements to loosen tight hips, release tensions, fears, and pain. Breathing techniques will be included in the movement as well as vivid visuals in guided ending meditation to relax and ease your mind. Every class will bring you a deep connection to your baby and yourself.

Intensity level is 1 out of 5.

Kids Yoga and Chakra Art


This class is intended for children Kindergarten ages and up! Yoga Mama Gina has a lovely and playful approach to bring yoga, awareness and a kind way to kids who participate. This class is also offered to local Charters Schools, Inspire and Core Placer. Also the kids yoga class coincides with  Hot Tone & Sculpt on Friday for parents that want their work out too! 

Intensity level is 1 out of 5.

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