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Elise Suronen

Elise Suronen began practicing yoga 20 years ago when she and a friend created a Yoga Club in high school.  It was then that Elise experienced the transformational capacity of yoga.  The simple act of "activating" her feet during yoga practice healed the shooting pains up her legs and eliminated her need for orthotics.  For several decades, Elise was captivated by yoga, but never felt called to teach until she stumbled upon Goddess Yoga International's practice, which is a fusion-yoga class for women.  It addressed a major aspect that "normal" yoga lacked for Elise, which was cultivating community.  Too many years had gone by where Elise practiced side by side with the same individuals for years, and she never got to know them.  In addition, Elise realized that she has closed off her feminine side due to traumas as a child, and she know that the practicing Goddess Yoga is one way for her and so many women to embrace their femininity, in this overly masculine human-made world, and heal their trauma while having fun in a safe space.  Due to the potency of Goddess Yoga, Goddess Yoga International trains its instructors to be 'Trauma Informed' in order to assist clients accordingly.

Elise is a Life-Change Activation Coach, regenerative leader, and environmental consultant.  You'll find her mountain biking, hiking, hosting, cooking and reading the latest Sci American on Quantum Physics.  Elise also has a podcast called 'Daring to Dabble' to help people begin their self-growth journey.

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