Bo Outland 

Bo Outland is a Baptiste Certified and trained yoga instructor. Bo found yoga when she graduated from college, having been a politics major she was confused about the next chapter in her life. She started practicing yoga as a form of exercise but quickly became present to the emotional and mental benefits. Having suffered from anxiety and depression yoga became an important coping tool. The yoga mat gives her an opportunity to practice using important tools such as Breath, Drishti (focused gaze), and Bondahs (body strength and awareness).  This practice in a controlled, safe space created new habits, skill sets, and tools to utilize in her daily life. By challenging and holding space for her students on the mat she strives to empower her them to harness yoga as an access point to strength, resilience, and possibility! She has completed a 200 Yoga Teacher Training, Baptiste Level One, Level Two, Art of Assisting and Being of Power.