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Ananda Thomason

Yoga has been an incredible asset in my life as a discipline that has allowed me to expand the
development of my physical, emotional and spiritual capabilities over the years. I first started
practicing Iyengar and basic Hatha in the 90’s and moved onto Bikram in the early 2000’s. I
became trained as an instructor in the Anusara style in Humboldt County, 2010. Since then, I’ve
taken a deep dive into Ashtanga and honed in on my mediation and pranayama practices,
becoming a trained instructor in both fields. I’ve spent the past five years teaching yoga to
people in recovery from substance abuse, I call it 12 Step Yoga. This has been a remarkably
rewarding demographic of people to share this process with. Yoga saved my life. It taught me
discipline and freedom both on and off the mat. I have the utmost respect and adoration for
the practice of yoga in its entirety.
Today, I am honored to share my experience and training with others who are on this life-long
path of becoming better versions of themselves through the practice of yoga – the unification
of the body, mind and spirit through breath and posture.

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